Friday, January 23, 2009

Media Coverage of iPhone Mirror app

“The guys who made this app are easily the funniest guys in the business. Mirror App proves Juice Wireless has a sense of humor. Their app is not only great but the press release they sent out is so sarcastic it’s amazing.”

"Face it, you come out with an app like this and get all serious about it your company will look like an idiot. You come out with an app like this and say stuff like: ‘Imagine carrying 9 different mirrors in your pocket. Exactly, impossible. With the mirror app, possible.’ It is good to know that some developers can have a sense of humor without incorporating a fart gag."

“Juice Wireless has released a new iPhone app called Mirror. It’s a simple app that “transform your iPhone screen into your very own hand-held mirror.” Yeah, I know it sounds kinda stupid, but apparently they have spent almost 8 month in R&D, developing technology to put a black background on the iPhone/iPod Touch.”

“The apps use a complex proprietary algorithm that turns the screen black for maximum reflection, while offering a choice of mirror frames. ‘If you look at what’s really performing well in the App Store, it’s silly apps, throwaway fun apps that you show your friends in a bar or other social setting,” he [Amir Hosseinpour, CEO of Juice Wireless] said. ‘They have no utility other than to make people laugh.’”
Mobile Marketer

Full text of Press Release on Reuters.

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