Wednesday, December 24, 2008

‘Mirror’ for the iPhone, don’t look silly staring at your own reflection

3G. WiFi. GPS. Touch-screen. And now, Mirror. The iPhone is complete.

(Los Angeles, CA) December 23, 2008 – Juice Wireless, Inc, a multi-award winning mobile social networking and multi-media technology provider, announced the release of two new humorous iPhone applications: Mirror & Vanity Mirror. A new class of ‘vainglorious applications’ that transform your iPhone screen into your very own hand-held mirror. With these apps, you always have your reflection at hand. The apps use a highly complex proprietary algorithm that instantly turns the screen black (for maximum reflection) while offering a choice of mirror frames so you don’t look stupid staring into your iPhone. Without the Mirror apps, staring into a black screen to check yourself out is just NOT as cool.

“We’ve spent almost 8 months in R&D developing technology to put a black background on your iPhone. Go ahead and stare into your iPhone with pride. Our aim is to provide millions of people with that sort of confidence in their lives," said Dan Paik, CTO of Juice Wireless and the master-mind behind the Mirror apps.

Each app comes with 9 unique frames that let you check yourself out in style. Whether you want a ‘Sleek & Contemporary’ look with Mirror or the ‘Glamour & Glitz’ of the more feminine Vanity Mirror, you can get close-at-hand assurance that you are always looking your finest. Say good bye to spinach in your teeth before that big meeting, or the smudged lip-stick before your big date.

For more information about Mirror & Vanity Mirror please visit

Mirror & Vanity Mirror are available for $0.99 from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch, or at Apple iTunes online

About Juice Wireless
Juice Wireless has reinvented how people share immediate social experiences with friends and family. The multi-award winning JuiceCaster™ service is available from carriers world-wide and enables users to instantly broadcast mobile video, pictures, audio, and text to their favorite online social networks, blogs, and to other mobile phones. An official ‘Top 10 Most Downloaded Paid Social Networking’ app in 2008, Flutter brings picture messaging to the iPhone™. Juice Wireless is based in Los Angeles. For more information please visit

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